When? Saturday 19.10.202410:00 - 18:00

Minett Treasures

Where? 1, Ellergronn, L-4114 Esch-sur-Alzette Gastronomie, Other, Art, Culture & Literature, Industrial heritage

⚒ Industrial history for kids 👧

Minett Treasures: On the trail of the past 🔎

Discover the "Minett Treasures" Kids Day and dive into the thrilling industrial culture of Luxembourg! ⚙️ Explore the fascinating history of the Minett and uncover the secrets of our industrial past at Ellergronn. 🚂 Various partners of the Minett Tour offer interactive workshops designed especially for kids. 🧒

Join the ultimate adventure trail: At each workshop, kids collect a stamp. With a full stamp pass, they get an awesome reward at the end! Adults aren't left out either: cool activities and interactive stations await them too. 🪖🧨

Feeling hungry? No problem! Enjoy delicious food and refreshing drinks from trendy food trucks and beverage stands while exploring the world of the steel industry in a kid-friendly way. 🌭🍻

Date: 19th of october 2024

Time: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Location: Ellergronn, Esch-sur-Alzette

Join us and discover the treasures of the region ✨


➡️ Program:

Welcome to the Minett Treasures path! 🧐

Embark on the quest and collect as many stamps as possible by participating in various activities. Afterwards, you can claim your own miner's token and certificate. The partners of the Minett Tour are excited to see you – let the adventure begin!

Partner: Documentation Center for Human Migrations

Name: Card Game 🃏

Description: With this card game, you will learn about the causes and events that moved people to relocate – from the past to today. Put the cards in the right order and find out where the people who live in Luxembourg today came from. An exciting journey through time awaits you!

Partner: Documentation Center for Human Migrations

Name: Your Family Tree 🌎

Description: Explore your roots and create your own family tree! Find out where your ancestors came from and how they lived. A fascinating exploration of your own family history awaits you!

Partner: Brasserie Nationale

Name: Creative Workshop: Design your Coaster 🎨

Description: Become an artist and design your own coaster! Paint, draw, and create – there are no limits to your creativity! Learn more about the history of brewing culture in the industry and create a colorful gift for the family.

Partner: National Mining Museum

Name: Mining Lamps 🕯️

Description: Without his lamp, the miner would be lost. Learn the history of this indispensable tool and discover the different types of lamps that lit up the daily lives underground. Demonstrations with fire, strong smells, and small surprises included!

Partner: Entente Mine Cockerill

Name: Museum Adventure ⚒️

Description: Explore the Mine Cockerill Museum on your own and dive into the world of mining work. Learn more about the harsh life and conditions of the workers who kept the industrial heart of the region beating. Outside the museum, the restored mining site with fascinating artifacts awaits you.

Partner: Minett Park Fond-de-Gras

Name: Mini Train Builders 🚂

Description: Become a mini train builder and construct your own small wooden locomotive! Paint and decorate your creation as you like. Discover the importance of railways in the industry in a playful way and take your unique masterpiece home. A creative adventure for little engineers!

Partner: FerroForum

Name: Foundry Action: Create Your Own Creations 👩🏽 🏭

Description: Discover the art of molding and casting! Create your own molds out of sand and watch as they are cast in tin or aluminum. Experience firsthand how metal objects were made for the industry and take your own artwork home. Protective clothing is provided – so get ready to mold and cast!

Partner: Luxembourg Science Center

Name: The Wonderful World of Metals ⛓️

Description: Welcome to the fascinating world of metals! Join our exciting show to discover the science behind iron, steel, and other metals. Learn how they are made and why they are so important in our daily lives. Guaranteed to amaze you!

Partner: Ferrum Museum

Name: A Day as a Miner 🪖

Description: Experience the tough daily life of a miner yourself – from transporting stones to weighing them and protesting for fair pay. Learn about the challenges and working conditions of the time. A tiring adventure that brings history to life!

Partner: CNF Ellergronn

Name: Fossil Hunt 🧱

Description: Armed with safety glasses, gloves, and a geologist’s hammer, embark on an exciting search for fossilized treasures. Learn more about geological history and why the south of Luxembourg is named after a mineral.

Partner: CNCI – National Center for Industrial Culture

Name: Stamping Station: Create Your Own Miners’ Token 🪙

Description: Miners received a shift token that they returned at the end of their shift. At the end of your tour, you can learn more about this practice and create your own miner’s token. Learn the traditional stamping technique and take home a small piece of the past as a souvenir.


🍺 Tapping workshop

🗿 Mini Buttek

⚙️ Minett Tour Gadgets

📷 Industrial Culture Photo Booth

👨🏽 🍳 Show-Cooking like the old days

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