VeWa - Hall Vestiaires et Wagonnage

Where? 4, place Thierry Van Werveke, L-3475 Dudelange

Revitalizing local communities

The non-profit organization "DKollektiv" is trying to bring the new "Nei Schmelz" district in Dudelange and the surrounding "Italy" and "Schmelz" districts closer together again. The central component is the Vestiaires & Waggonage (VeWa) hall on the former industrial area, the former changing rooms and the locomotive hall of the site; these have been open to the public again for a few years. Here, everyone is invited to a collaborative project to recycle and value the existing hall and infrastructure inventory. Experts, volunteers and the public can come together to decide together what to do with the blank slate of the former industrial wasteland. The «Fondouq» hall, as well as the «Waassertuerm» and the «Pomhouse», where exhibitions also take place, are also in the immediate vicinity.


Address: VeWa - Hall Vestiaires et Wagonnage
4, place Thierry Van Werveke
L-3475 Dudelange