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Welcome on the Minett Tour

De Minett, as Luxembourgers refer to the region in the south of Luxembourg, derives its name from the glowing red iron ore that dominates the natural landscape. The ferrous ore made a substantial contribution to the Grand Duchy’s economic development and rapid rise in prosperity during the mid-19th century.

Following the steel crisis in the 1970s, Luxembourg underwent a successful structural change and embarked upon a new economic course. Fortunately, however, numerous remnants from the bygone steel era remained intact and an area holding fascinating attractions for visitors developed.

Spanning over the width of the region, the Minett Tour links 9 sites featuring different topics of interest. They guide visitors of all ages through the history of the Luxembourg steel industry up to the present day and indeed into the future ...

The sites are all quite unique and exude a charm all of their own. Throughout the year, folk festivals, music and art festivals, concerts and exhibitions, dance and theatre productions magically transform the locations, most of which are heritage sites.

We trust your journey on the Minett Tour will prove an unforgettable experience!

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    Blast Furnace Belval
    Self-guided tour of the blast furnace - a piece of industrial heritage
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    Documentation Centre for Human Migrations
    Migration history and the background of cultural diversity in Luxembourg - you will learn a lot here
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    Minett Park Fond-de-Gras
    The Minett Park Fond-de-Gras is an open-air museum that includes the Fond-de-Gras, the village of Lasauvage, the former open-cast mine of Giele Botter and the Celtic oppidum of Titelberg.
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  • © Administration des Eaux et Forêts / LFT
    Museum of the Cockerill Mine at Ellergronn
    Exceptional legacy from the mining era
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    National Mining Museum
    Underground at the National Mining Museum
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  • Guided tours are available on request at all sites
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