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In Luxembourg - IK-CNCI

Industriekultur-CNCI is a non-profit organisation established in 2019. The main goals are to:

  • Form a collaborative network that brings together key players involved in industrial heritage in Luxembourg, as well as those enthusiastic about industrial culture in general.
  • Develop, support and encourage creative re-use concepts for endangered industrial heritage sites and buildings.
  • Raise awareness of industrial culture and heritage, with all its components, by organising diverse campaigns, projects and activities for a wide range of people.

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In Europe - ERIH

In October 2022, the Minett Tour sites had the honor to host the ERIH annual conference on the topic of INDUSTRIAL HERITAGE IN MIDST OF THE NEXT INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION - NEW CHALLENGES IN STORYTELLING.

ERIH, the European Route of Industrial Heritage, is the tourism information network of industrial heritage in Europe. The network is run by the ERIH association, which has more than 300 members in 27 countries. Over 100 member sites are Anchor Points, sites of exceptional historical importance in terms of industrial heritage which also offer a high quality visitor experience. Regional Routes introduce in more detail the industrial history of landscapes, which were particularly influenced by industrialisation.

The Minett Tour is a proud regional route member of the international network of industrial heritage sites ERIH.

In total, the network represents over 2,200 sites worth visiting on the website from all European countries. All sites are assigned to one or more of 16 European Theme Routes, which represent branches of industry and show the variety and - together with over 270 biographies - the interlinkages of European industrial history and their common roots. The site presentations are supplemented by articles on the industrial history of the countries of Europe as well as on the development of branches of industry which form the theme routes. ERIH is certified as a "Cultural Route of the Council of Europe”

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