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Origins of the Minett Tour

Luxembourg’s southern region is synonymous with the industrial heritage of the iron ore. The country’s steel industry and history were highly dependent on the precious mineral, which you can, thanks to this collaboration, still explore and discover in mines and museums nowadays.

Decades after the industrial boom, former mining and production sites evolved, and in 2014 the idea of a touristic network on the subject of industrial heritage was born. Over the following years, former industrial sites collaborated on the formation of what is now known as the Minett Tour. The five founding sites were not only linked geographically; they all shared a common goal: creating a strong network and preserving what was at the origin of the region’s identity.

To make industrial heritage more accessible to the general public, a whole concept was elaborated and each partner site started to develop its offer, based on a specific sub-topic. It was in July 2017 that the Minett Tour was officially inaugurated and 5 partner sites are ready to welcome visitors and share their passion of industrial heritage.