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Creating and exchanging knowledge

Between Esch-sur-Alzette and Schifflange lies an industrial area that today bears the name Metze Schmelz. Iron and steel were processed here for around 150 years before the closure of the steelworks was announced in 2011. However, the site was not abandoned.

In 2019, a handful of enthusiasts came together and an idea was born, a vision for the future of immense importance. Today's FerroForum - a creative, educational and documentation centre with the aim of preserving and promoting the cultural, industrial and craft heritage - opened its doors just in time for the start of the European Capital of Culture Esch2022.

What was once the abandoned central workshop of the Esch-Schifflange industrial site was subsequently transformed, with a great deal of effort and craftsmanship, into a place of discovery and encounters, of sharing knowledge and anecdotes, a home for anyone who has a burning passion for iron and steel. You too can acquire a little SavoirFER during a visit.

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The concept of FerroForum is based on the following 3 main pillars:

The Ressourcerie

The Ressourcerie, a kind of warehouse, is used for documentation and archiving. In addition to a large number of documents, a wide variety of materials are collected and catalogued here.

The Ateliers

The Ateliers, the FerroForums Workshops, allow both creation and experimentation with a various materials and tools from different ages: from the first attempts of the Celts to work iron to the most modern technologies.

The Réfectoire

Last but not least, there is a third place: the Réfectoire, also known as the in-house Buvette - a sort of canteen where people gather at the end of the shift for the Feierowend. The small bistro in the middle of the industrial hall invites you to enjoy an after-work beer among like-minded people and is probably the heart of the FerroForum. After exhausting and productive days in the workshops, new ideas are always forged here.

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Minett Treasures

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Telephone: (+352) 661 20 19 12

E-Mail: moien@ferroforum.lu

Website: https://ferroforum.lu/en

How to get there


The FerroForum is located in the MetzeSchmelz complex, the former industrial site between Esch-sur-Alzette and Schifflange.

By car

Parking spaces available at the entrance to the MetzeSchmelz at the Parking Aloyse Meyer

By bus

The bus stop "Boulevard Aloyse Meyer" serves the bus line 7 and 60U

By train

The nearest train stations are Esch-sur-Alzette and Schifflange.

Ligne CFL 60

Luxembourg - Esch - Petange - Rodange


Opening Hours

The FerroForum is open upon request.