Science Show: Acoustics

Where? 1, Rue John Ernest Dolibois, L-4573 Differdange

Discover science with all your senses

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Since opening in 2017, the Luxembourg Science Center has been the ideal place for visitors who want to explore the world of science. Interactive experimental stations await eager researchers, and active scientists explain the background in over 20 science shows.

This workshop is all about acoustics: sound and silence are the focus here - how does sound work, how do waves spread, why can't you hear yourself screaming in space and what does it actually feel like to be in a completely soundproof room stand? With several experiments you will find out what tone and sound are all about and what tricks, for example, people with hearing impairments can use to adapt.

Topics are:

  •      Longitudinal and transverse waves
  •      Vacuum bell
  •      Tuning fork - collection
  •      Spectral analysis
  •      Singing bowls
  •      Giant Ear
  •      Hearing with age
  •      Speed of sound
  •      Interference
  •      musical instruments


Address: Luxembourg Science Center
1, Rue John Ernest Dolibois
L-4573 Differdange

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