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Mine train Minièresbunn

Where? 2, Fond-de-Gras, L-4576 Niederkorn

A little time travel journey through the galleries of the Fond-de-Gras

The "Minièresbunn" mining train takes you on a captivating journey between Fond-de-Gras and Lasauvage. Immerse yourself in the history of iron ore mining as the impressive "Minièresbunn" narrow-gauge railway transports you through the picturesque landscape.

Starting in Fond-de-Gras, you'll be steered to the "Doihl" mine in Rodange by an authentic steam locomotive from 1897. After traversing historic tunnels, including a 1400-meter passage, you'll arrive in the charming village of Lasauvage.

Electrified with 500V, the second leg goes underground through history, crossing the French border and concluding in Saulnes, a historic mining and iron ore village. Dive into the past as the train glides through the enchanting scenery – a journey with "Minièresbunn" where every curve tells a story.

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Address: Train minier "Minièresbunn"
2, Fond-de-Gras
L-4576 Niederkorn

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