Science Show: Materials
Where? 1, Rue John Ernest Dolibois, L-4573 Differdange

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Since opening in 2017, the Luxembourg Science Center has been the ideal place for visitors who want to explore the world of science. Interactive experimental stations await eager researchers, and active scientists explain the background in over 20 science shows.

This workshop is all about the material that holds the world together - whether tools, blacksmithing, steel or 3D printing: iron plays a role everywhere. In workshops you not only learn about production and what can be created from it, but also about the limits of the materials and - conversely - about when even the hardest material breaks.

Topics include:

  •      Forging with induction
  •      Celtic Metallurgy
  •      Combustion vs. oxidation
  •      corrosion
  •      Reduction of iron (thermite)
  •      Colors when tempering/annealing
  •      Hardening by quenching
  •      Leidenfrost effect
  •      Soft iron vs. high carbon steel
  •      Iron-bearing meteorites
  •      Geology of the Minett Region
  •      Ore, coal, slag
  •      Iron vs. cast iron vs. steel
  •      3D printer metal
  •      Curie point
  •      Tensile strength, compressive and shear force
  •      hardness
  •      elasticity
  •      plasticity
  •      fragility
  •      Young module
  •      Poisson coefficient
  •      Photo-elasticimetry


Address: Luxembourg Science Center
1, Rue John Ernest Dolibois
L-4573 Differdange

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